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Mike Olson, Lib-Tech Co-Founder: We have been eco conscious since day one, even before we were officially a business. Add to Cart. Write Your Own Review. A winged outline allows surfers to make tight turns. Hello and welcome to my Lib Tech TRS review. As per tradition here at I will give the TRS a score out of 100 (based on several factors) and see how it compares with other All-Mountain-Freestyle snowboards. Compare that to Lib Tech’s T. Rice Pro 161.5, which has nose and tail widths of 31.1 and a waist width of 26. Reviews. SAVE 15% on surfboard accessories including wetsuits, fins, traction, leashes, board bags and more with any surfboard purchase. If durability is your main concern, look no further. Add to Cart. The Board We Reviewed: The Puddle Jumper model ridden in this review is a 5'7” x W 21” x 2 1/2 at 33.9 cubic litres. Read or share reviews of the Lib Tech Bowl Surfboard or shop similar Shortboards. Friendly Service. Low entry rocker, a mid-wide nose, and concave throughout offer generous speed for charging through waves while a squash tail and performance tail rocker offer quick turns and rapid response for slashing the lip. Featuring C3 camber and medium-stiff flex, this board packs a ton of pop and response for stomping landing and charging through rough snow conditions. The board we tested weighed 7.1 pounds with traction, wax and fins. This beaut of a board has been a smash hit since its launch by Lost, the PU version has been a best seller so we're super stoked to now have the Lib Tech version to offer as well. Quality. A radical small wave design based on maximum surface area for lift, stability and unbridled speed in tiny surf. Lib Tech 5'8" Lost Rocket Redux. Shop now and save with Free and Fast Shipping. The Funnelator blends the line between a high performance shortboard and a fast groveler. Lib Tech 5'10" Lost Rocket Redux. All Criteria: Lib Tech Surfboards limit=48 The world’s best surfboard construction just got even better! Pickup Stick 7' 6" Surfboard | Lib Tech. Lib Tech Surfboards in stock at Cleanline Surf. Lib Tech has always been owned, operated and staffed by surfers, and founder Mike Olsen actually even used to work here at Cleanline Surf back in the day. £669.99 . Read or share reviews of the Lib Tech Bowl Surfboard or shop similar Shortboards : : Made for ripping small to medium sized waves, the Lib Tech Bowl Surfboard has a wildly fun shape. The 7’6” is the perfect option for a bigger surfer in all conditions or an average to smaller surfer who wants to energize small, softer slow moving, mushy surf. Lib Tech Surfboard Lost Sub Buggy 5'10" $ 690.00 View Item. No discount code needed. Surfboard Brands; Lib Tech Surfboards; Sort By: Show: Lib Tech 5'6" Lost Rocket Redux. The fellas from the US Pacific NW, who began making snowboards, create fiercely unique surfboards that are strong and (relatively) enviro friendly. Turn Offs/Swipe Left: Not ideal if you like to bomb or want almost full camber from tip-tail. NOTE: The 2020 model was the […] The Lib tech Hydra surfboard has landed…and we're very excited indeed about this pocket-rocket. Inspired by the original “double ender” Bean Bag, Lib Tech’s “Freak Flag Bean Bag” features a refined, winged outline for tighter turns, added bite and faster transitions rail to rail. You're reviewing: Lib Tech Lost Hydra 5'7 x 21.25 x 2.7 Surfboard - B-Grade Your Rating. At the heart of the board is Nitrogencell foam that is loaded with nitrogen and has engineered elongated cell structure for maximum compression strength and energy return. It has a short C3 camber profile going just past the bindings with a good bit of rocker before the nose and even some in the tail. The Puddle Jumper HP (high performance) is the more performance oriented cousin of the legendary Puddle Jumper groveller. Puddle Jumper. ... Lost Lib Tech Puddle Jumper Tech specs: •Full outline hybrid design •Flatter rocker for easy paddling and glide ... Write a review… A slightly longer wider version of the original Pickup Stick. from Lib Tech PRO . Lib Tech Surfboard Lost Short Round 5'6" In this review, I will take a look at the TRS as an All-Mountain-Freestyle snowboard. The Vee Shape bottom makes for easy paddling and catching waves. The 195 pound tester’s ability level is average-to-advanced-on-occasion with 35 years surfing experience. This was really a reaction to how toxic and dangerous standard surfboard building processes are, with polyurethane foam, polyester resins, solvents, and massive sanding dust. Lib Tech Jamie Lynn Phoenix Titty Fish C3 2019 Snowboard Rider Review New for 2019, the Jamie Lynn Phoenix Titty Fish is a powerful all-terrain power slayer for intermediate to advanced riders. The Lib tech X Lost Puddle Jumper HP surfboard. The concave bottom adds lift and increased rail curve, which allows radical top to … Featuring Lib Tech's famed low volume and bombproof durability, the Extension Ramp is a super fun board for surfers of all abilities and waves of all types. Shop Lib Tech Surfboards Online Now. The concave gradually reduces to flat up in the nose, allowing forgiving entry into waves and in and out of turns. Mervin Manufacturing, home of Lib Tech, GNU, and Bent Metal, is a leading designer and manufacturer of snowboarding, NASing, surfing and skateboarding products built at the world’s most environMENTAL factory by people who ride them. Lib Tech is a true Northwest brand and before their surfboard line launched they got their start making snowboards for some of the best pro’s of the last 30 years. Designed at the request of (and direction from) Kolohe Andino, as an extension of his favorite RNF-Retro. LIB TECH SUB BUGGY. The Lib Tech x Lost Short Round Surfboard bridges the gap between easy riding surfboards and a high-performance shortboard. The wide outline makes for easy wave catching and down the line glide and stability. The shapes work and with more colab models coming from Lost surfboards are really making headway. The Lib Tech BRD has been around in a split and now comes in a solid 2020. Lib Tech Surfboards In Stock and Ready to Ship at Write A Review. The Lib Tech x Lost Freak Flag Bean Bag is a radical small wave board created with maximum surface area for lift, stability and unbridled speed in tiny surf. Each one of the 31 components used to construct a Lib Tech surfboard are new materials to the surf industry. Libtech surfboards are the most durable on the market. LIB TECH RNF REDUX. 12 years ago, Mike Olson set out to make a stronger, longer lasting more environmentally friendly surfboard. Video Video related to lib tech x lost freak flag bean bag surfboard 2020-06-27T11:48:30-04:00 : : Made for acceleration in small to medium waves, the Lib Tech Bowl Surfboard has a magically fast shape. Find more Lib Tech x Lost Freak Flag Bean Bag Surfboard information and reviews here. This board, features a concave bottom that transitions to vee in the tail. Description DIMS The Round Nose Fish Redux hybrid surfboard features a very low overall centerline rocker, with modest single concave under the front foot, to keep the board planing at low speeds. Don't put yourself through the misery of trying to surf an aggressive shortboard, enjoy your day and catch wave after wave with the Lib Tech Extension Ramp 6'6" Surfboard. When the waves are small and soft, paddle out knowing you're going to have a killer day with the Lib Tech Funnelator Surfboard. Lib Tech surfboards have copped a few mentions in the forums here over the years. TECHNOLOGICALLY TOUGHER – environMENTALLY NICER! LIB TECH. Turn Ons/Swipe Right: A fun turning, forgiving hybrid camber, ride with great float. With the exception of the stainless steel fin screws, every piece of the Vert Series uses materials that are new to the surf industry to create a board that's environmentally friendly without sacrificing performance. We love surfing and surfboards but… traditional surf construction is delicate and the build process is toxic and unhealthy… we knew there had to be a better way. Description DIMS The Sub Buggy surfboard is fast and foiled for on rail surfing, but full and forgiving for sub-par and sloppy surf. Each Lib Tech surfboard is handcrafted in the USA with a focus on performance and environmentally friendly manufacturing and materials. Lib Tech’s new phase 3 ECO-ISO construction pushes performance, durability, environmental materials and process to new levels. Refinements during the PRIME and WT comps have led us to this surfboard that grovels well but is still a true high performance surfboard. It is the culmination of creator Mike Olssons 30 years of … Biolos is longtime friends with Olson and Lib’s Pete Saari and has manufactured his line of Mayhem snowboards through Lib Tech for a while now (which are super fun to ride, too, BTW). Lib Tech also made it a priority to produce their boards in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. The SWORD-FISH is precisely as the name implies: A furiously fast Pelagic fish, aggressive, with a wide powerful tail, and a long-pointed nose. 2 years ago. £669.99 .

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