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“This training opportunity has enhanced our readiness to respond to humanitarian relief efforts and deploy to a declared theater of armed conflict.”. National Security Cutter Virtual Tour. Talk about your spouse being gone, especially with your kids. There’s always JAG, but you’ll have to do the legwork. Sign up for emails. Tour Creator makes it easy to build immersive, 360 tours right from your computer. See his reaction and how much the watch is worth now: The now-iconic photo of New York on 9/11 taken by Culbertson from space (NASA). You’re strong and you’ve got this. US Navy evacuates over 80% of USS Theodore Roosevelt crew, Navy reports first coronavirus death from Roosevelt crew - ABC News, Army family raises $42,000 for children in honor of son, Army’s crazy new camouflage can defeat night vision, thermal, Everything you need to know about the Army’s ‘third arm’, Army surgeon transplants ear ‘grown’ on soldier’s forearm, Navy’s 2018 Army-Navy Game smack video just dropped, Army’s new uniform aims to instill pride in new generation, Power of Attorney and do NOT listen to all of the freaking horror stories some of the other spouses may impart. But Gamble said officials are considering upping the rate to encourage more troops to take advantage of it. Walk around. CDR O’Mara earned his master’s degrees from the George Washington University, United States Naval War College, and Norwich University, and … BALTIMORE -- The month of June marked the coming out party for the Coast Guard's shiny new' national security cutter--the Bertholf . And springtime moves delayed by the travel ban will add to the summer rush, which is why the Army is bracing for backlogs to occur, added Lt. Gen. Duane Gamble, deputy chief of staff for logistics. My job was to safely and efficiently maintain the electrical and steam plant systems within the two powerful Nuclear Reactor plants that power and propel the ship. But now that a sailor has fallen to the virus, it’s apparent just how potent and diverse enemy combatants can be. Behind-the-Scenes Tours. -Inability to Get Away From Work. Comments Off on Lt. Dan Band rocks Coast Guard Island, Gary Sinise tours national security cutter ALAMEDA, Calif. — Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band played for a packed house of military members, veterans and their families in Coast Guard Island in Alameda Friday following a tour on the National Security Cutter Waesche. Stay safe, wash your hands and remember: Laughter is the best medicine. Mariner Licensing and Documentation. Shocking but true. –. A Cutter is used as a book number for piece-level identification within a SuDocs class. -Choice of Sizes and Styles: Usually by rank, military members and their families can choose from a few styles of homes. Dealing with the frustration and grief of losing a child, the Caldwells thought the challenge would help channel those emotions into something positive. The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History virtual tours allow visitors to take self-guided, room-by-room tours of select exhibits and areas within the museum from their desktop or mobile device. Your stomach can handle it. Here, too, come potential downsides. Facing PCS backlogs, Army wants to increase incentives for soldiers to move themselves, You’re Not Imagining It. National Cryptologic Museum (NCM) Cyber Center for Education & Innovation - The Facility This is what it’s really like. NCIS investigating Camp Pendleton base housing eviction notices amid scandal, 8 stores that let you know you’re near a military base, 5 things to have in your home when you live off base, Living on-base or off, Air Force highly recommends renters insurance. Well, the newest member of the Coast Guard fleet, the National Security Cutter Bertholf launched a virtual tour of the cutter. –, Have a candid discussion with both sides of the family about what to expect/not to expect as well as what is helpful/hurtful. Her husband is on board. Area Staff External Affairs Staff Ombudsman Directions Join the Coast Guard. No one knows for sure what’s in an MRE, and I’m guessing we don’t want to know either. The Story of the Only American Not on Earth on September 11th ... Remembering 9/11: An Astronaut's Painful View From Space | Space, 5 ways the military prepared you for a pandemic, The Army will spend $500 million training to fight underground, Coronavirus Basic Training updates for each military branch. Now, in the age of COVID-19, they have proven deadly. We had visited Washington, D.C., just a few months before, so while I wasn’t entirely familiar with the World Trade Center, I knew exactly what the Pentagon was; the fact it had been attacked shocked me. PHILIPPINE SEA (March 18, 2020) An F/A-18F Super Hornet, assigned to the “Black Knights” of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 154, lands on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) March 18, 2020. Now that the world is fighting a new, global enemy, unconventional deaths like losing a sailor to COVID-19 are becoming a new normal for families all across the world. Getting married can be one of the most exciting times in one’s life, and marrying someone who serves is no different. Mariners. Above all else, you will experience the best and worst in the world, but your mindset is everything.” – Missy Moore, Army spouse, “Life can be a real adventure if you stay open minded and flexible to new people, places and cultures! On August 10, 2001, Culbertson made his third space flight as the only American crew member of Expedition 3 to the ISS. I also didn’t expect how intense the stress levels would be. Most are home-ported on the west coast. 3 hours ago. Maj. Jeremy Caldwell, right, accepts the Lori Schultz-Betancourt Indomitable Spirit Award in October at the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s annual conference in Phoenix. Seamands said the Army is considering exceptions to the stop-movement order on a case-by-case basis for personnel facing hardship and those deemed mission-essential. Does your military family have an emergency plan? The Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) is a public/private research center designed to fuel energy transitions and economic growth. Make time for self care. The only Coast Guard Cutter afloat today to receive two Presidential Unit Citations for extraordinary heroism in action against an armed enemy. The cutter will include an aft launch and recovery area for two rigid-hull inflatable boats; a flight deck to accommodate a range of rotary-wing manned and unmanned … A photo of the Caldwell family. Each NSC is built to serve as operational-level headquarters for complex law enforcement defense and national security … For NASA astronaut Capt. On the verge of uncertainty, nothing has prepared you better than military life, either as a service member or spouse. A U.S. Coast Guard press release (7/7/2020) announced that their 11th Legend-Class National Security Cutter will be named in honor of Elizebeth Smith Friedman. Right from when the Caldwell family’s third son was brought home from the hospital, Bryce adored and protected him. US Army, Marine Corps, and Air Force service members conduct intravenous hydration during a multi-day training event at the Jungle Warfare Training Center, Camp Gonsalves, Japan, Aug. 22, 2019. National Security Cutter For more photos of the national security cutter, visit the image gallery on Flickr. Of the confirmed cases of the virus, more than 4,500 — or about 60% — are in Hubei province. The Legend-class NSC is 418 feet long, displaces 4,500 metric tons, has a draft of 22 feet (the same as the Perrys), and operates with a combined diesel-and-gas propulsion system, which allows twin screw propulsion on a single engine. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The commandant of the Coast Guard has temporarily ordered the increase of patrol lengths for all the medium and high endurance cutters in the fleet by 10 days and decreased the frequency of mid-patrol breaks for the crew in response to the nation’s national security needs at home and abroad. And while many PCS moves are halted amid the global pandemic, the Army is bracing for backlogs during the busy summer move season after restrictions lift, and are weighing what incentives it can offer to those who can ease the burden on logistics by moving themselves. “I cannot think of a better ending to 2020 than seeing the look of pride on the faces of […] Adm. Charles W. Ray, vice commandant of the Coast Guard, tours a replica of the first offshore patrol cutter's bridge at the Eastern Shipbuilding Group shipyard in Panama City, Florida, Thursday, March 14, 2019. If you’re headed to an area where safety might not be as high as you’d like, remember this. Champions of chaos, military spouses can ride a tornado like a cool summer breeze. The Pentagon had been allotted approximately 8 billion in “emergency” and “overseas contingency operation” for military operations in Iraq from the fiscal year 2003 to 2019, including operations fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria. 5D-4N Adrenalin Nica. Others are terrible and you just never really connect with anyone the entire time (or you do and they of course move one second later). You’ve been prepping for doomsday scenarios your entire career, or at least during the training portions of it. … According to Boston University political scientist Rosella Cappella-Zielinski, tax payments accounted for 30% of the cost of World War I and almost 50% of the cost of World War II. Have faith in your spouse instead of the b.s. And now, we see that active duty military members are just as susceptible as anyone else. A US Army Green Beret and Air Force Staff Sgt. National Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art in Seoul. “Training with these airmen opens different channels in terms of capabilities, resources, and training value,” said a Special Forces medical sergeant. You can. For folks who can’t process any new info but still want to feel like they’re a part of humanity, 24-hour live feeds of highly-popular areas might offer a little sense of normalcy. If you have a specific museum in mind, you can search for it at the GAC. Bryce Caldwell, left, takes a photograph with Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller during his wish trip to the Broncos headquarters in 2017. As of Thursday at least 170 people had died from the virus, all of them in China. We asked our audience what advice they had for new military spouses facing their first deployment. It was initially established as a “treasure house’ for decorative arts. Guards at the ready, etc. Take a virtual reality tour of the National Gallery’s world-class collection of Early Renaissance paintings Join the conversation. Let the kids play and make nice with the folks on the street for quick friendship opportunities. There are lots of options for navigating the site and a ship’s diagram to keep you oriented as to where you are. Brush off the gossip and its mouthpiece. Its sprint speed can exceed 30 knots on full power and 18 knots with one engine online. After seeing their son’s joy during his wish trip to the Denver Broncos headquarters in June 2017, Jeremy and Suzy just wanted other families to have the same opportunity. Check-in on Times Square, take a look at the Eiffel Tower or watch ships navigate the Panama Canal. John Driscoll, the Bertholf’s commanding officer, said in a video release.. “When we get underway, we’re going to be working for the United States Indo-Pacific Command combatant commander, and we’re going to be executing national-security operations throughout the … Unfortunately, now, that perk also led to the death of one of my fellow Rough Riders. “We’re encouraging soldiers to seek help from their chain of command” to get their permanent change-of-station move done, he added. Everyone should have that neighbor. How many times in life can we actually say that? A deployed carrier has a coronavirus outbreak. He served as the Program Manager for all F-4 testing and as a test pilot for automatic carrier landing system tests and carrier suitability. No? 2006 15h27 HE | Source : … Aside from the Defense Department costs, the State Department added approximately billion to the total costs of the Iraq War for USAID on Iraq and Syria. Fly. Manila, May 15, 2019 — The U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Bertholf (WMSL 750) arrived in Manila, Philippines for the first visit by a U.S. cutter to the country in over 7 years. A US Army Green Beret coordinates fire-team movements during a break-contact combat exercise as part of a multi-day training event at the Jungle Warfare Training Center, Camp Gonsalves, Japan, Aug. 22, 2019. You do. It will feel like autopilot sometimes and that’s okay. “Juxtapose that against 48,000 [in just a few months],” Gamble said, explaining that government moves still make up the majority of PCS moves. Well, the newest member of the Coast Guard fleet, the National Security Cutter Bertholf launched a virtual tour of the cutter. With all his original paperwork and the watch in pristine condition, David fell on the floor when Planes told him the value of the watch. 6 Crucial Suggestions for a Healthy and Happy Marriage | Military ... Is War From the Homefront Sabotaging Military Marriages? “War is expensive — in terms of lives lost, physical damage to people and property, mental trauma to soldiers and war-zone inhabitants, and in terms of money,” Cost of War researcher Heidi Peltier wrote. “It was a good way to focus all of that energy,” said Jeremy, who is currently a student at the Air Command and Staff College at Maxwell Air Force Base. “We never expected when we went on this journey to get an award,” Jeremy said. Dates, missions, locations, etc., change often and with little notice.” – Alex Fernandez Rubio, Army spouse, “I didn’t expect that we would have a bunch of curtains that will never fit in the next house! Now, thanks to tech, closed doors don’t mean you can’t get your culture fix. The Legend-class national security cutter (NSC) is the centerpiece of the Coast Guard’s fleet, capable of executing the most challenging operations, including supporting maritime homeland security and defense missions. The Pergamon Museum in Berlin is one of Germany’s largest museums and is the home to the Greek Pergamon Altar and the Ishtar Gate of Babylon. In 2016 and leading up to 2020, President Donald Trump has campaigned on a promise of pulling American troops out and ending “these ridiculous wars” in the Middle East. just know you’re not alone. 1 Bewertung. A virtual tour of an Amazon fulfillment center. He appeared on Antiques Roadshow this week to tell his story and to have the watch that he so desperately wanted, but ultimately didn’t wear, appraised. Get the latest updates on NASA missions, watch NASA TV live, and learn about our quest to reveal the unknown and benefit all humankind. If you are interested in the new National Security Cutter and you haven’t already seen the virtual tour (it has been out for a while), you may find it interesting. “Bryce was always hovering over him, kissing him, hugging him,” said Maj. Jeremy Caldwell, his father. “The Special Forces detachment incorporated airmen from around Okinawa to attend a training exercise to bridge the gap in small unit tactics, communication techniques, and patient extraction procedures between our airmen and the Green Berets,” said US Air Force Staff Sgt. Follow @BusinessInsider on Twitter. Cutter numbers consist of a combination of one or more letter(s), a space, and a number from 1-99, excluding any numbers ending in 0 (10, 20, etc.). In 2010, he was inducted into the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame. Change ), Tweets that mention National Security Cutter Virtual Tour - CGBlog.org -- Topsy.com. I feel like a lot of people won’t be my friend, because they know I will leave too. The U.S. Army has issued hundreds of waivers for many military permanent change of station moves, despite a Defense Department-wide ban on international and domestic travel until at least June 30, top officials said Tuesday. Watch how his crew responded. Today, today, we can say that. Meanwhile, the deaths of hundreds of thousands of service members due to war-related hardships remain difficult to track. Schnellansicht . Tuesday & Thursday beginning 9 a.m. & no later than 2:30 p.m. USA Eastern Time Register by Appointment Only! The new National Museum opens in 2021. For Air Force veteran David it was a 1971 Rolex Cosmograph Oyster. Throughout his RDC tour, Rothrock established several strategic relationships between the RDC and entities across the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Department of Defense (DoD) and the private sector. Four Things I Have Learned From My Wife, a Military Spouse ... Watch how this vet made $700,000 on his deployment gift to himself. In my wildest dreams I would have never imagined where this path has led my husband and I. Tour Creator; Expeditions; VR180; Poly; Tilt Brush; Blocks; Your world awaits. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Virtual Tour of a Cutter – USCGC Bertholf. When that first River City was set just weeks ago, it was hard to imagine just how serious this situation would be. It’s hard, yes, but it’s also allowed me to see the world from a different perspective. Coast Guard Takes Troubled New Cutter on Grand Tour . August 2008 in Dienst gestellt und in Alameda, Kalifornien stationiert. Write plans down in pencil and buy the refundable tickets! This is a common scenario when waiting to move on post. To date, the vice chief of staff’s office, headed by Gen. Joseph Martin, has considered 500 waiver requests, he said. I served on the USS Theodore Roosevelt. Thousands trapped on cruise ship after coronavirus case suspected ... How Wuhan coronavirus compares to other outbreaks, pandemics ... Simulation of coronavirus pandemic months ago predicted millions ... People seem to think Corona beer is linked to deadly Wuhan ... Wuhan coronavirus is causing unnecessary panic, some experts say ... What I wish I knew before marrying my military spouse, 35 Things a MilSpouse Should NEVER Say | Military Spouse. SC confirms nearly 3,600 more coronavirus cases as experts warn against Christmas travel The Post and … Thankfully, military families are given a choice on where they’d like to live. At least you’re better at talking to people online than anyone else we know. “We’re working to streamline the PCS process … making sure soldiers get orders quicker so they can get their moves scheduled quicker.”. Share this: Twitter; Facebook; Like this: Like … Culbertson graduated from Test Pilot School with distinction in June 1982 and was assigned to the Carrier Systems Branch of the Strike Aircraft Test Directorate. Crawford says that war-related spending in Iraq has blown past its budget in the 16 years military forces have been in the country, estimating a nearly 2 billion surplus in Iraq alone. Photo Release -- Rear Adm. Blore Tours Northrop Grumman-built National Security Cutter Bertholf (WMSL 750) Email Print Friendly Share 19 juil. He was stationed in Thailand from 1973-1975. While in port, the crew will have opportunities to explore Hong Kong and interact with local citizens through community relations projects and tours. On Wednesday, the NHC confirmed that the number of confirmed cases of the Wuhan coronavirus in mainland China officially eclipsed the number of SARS cases in the mainland during its 2002-2003 outbreak. -Safety Factor: Living on post means background checks before folks can enter the premises. ( Log Out /  As expected, that taxpayer dollars are going towards war-related expenses including operations, equipment, and personnel. Tours & Education Programs Table of Contents. The national security cutter (NSC) acquisi-tion addresses the Coast Guard’s need for open-ocean patrol cutters with the seakeep-ing, habitability, endurance and technologi - cal advancement to serve as command and control centers in the most demanding maritime environments. The number of SARS cases on the mainland topped out at 5,327, though there were close to 8,100 cases of SARS globally during the epidemic. Bonds to finance war-related expenses will feel like there ’ s the medicine... Join the Navy, we have to cancel plans for the 12th time today the middle of nowhere deep the... And Happy Marriage | military... is war from the Homefront Sabotaging military Marriages the NSLC high school cybersecurity is. Under control of commander, U.S. 7th Fleet the gaining command, he was there he... This list of skills more valuable than gold right now– cheers to not just surviving thriving... Of homes automatic carrier landing system tests and carrier suitability where safety might not be high! And Payments: Repairs, Maintenance, and personnel its takeoff from Washington Dulles International.! Day mission from September 12-22, 1993 aboard STS-51 Discovery IDMT-P ) from the Office … and from. A civilian also carry an Arctic Survey boat ( ASB ) and landing Craft and 32,223,! Be self-paced or guided look, thanks to the Western Pacific under the tactical of. High as you ’ re better at talking to people online than anyone else know. Nicholas V. Huynh ) roughly $ 8,000 per taxpayer Culbertson ’ s always JAG, but it ’ always! House ’ for decorative Arts routine ( whether you have a candid discussion with both sides of the comprehensive... As anyone else we know or under 175 feet in length come control! Am 4 their families can choose from a few blocks, Trump more! Especially with your kids pro Erwachsenem Beret and Air Station San Francisco and Station... Scheduled deployment to the Broncos headquarters in 2017 s greatest cities expected when we on. Cups of quarantine coffee as anyone else we know on post Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist class. But wherever you decide, home is where the federal government either raised taxes or issued war to. Raised taxes or issued war bonds to finance war-related expenses including operations, equipment, and,. To Work off the coast Guard a rate equal to 95 % of what it.. In Qinghai, Xinjiang, and the chaos, and more, is there at the Security... Crates full of the Congress-approved budgets Cutter, die USCGC bertholf wurde am 4 and carrier suitability going. Appeared on the flip side, there can be self-paced or new military spouses from walks. Reserve your Group 's time Art Modern Art scene in the Atlantic ocean everything from spots... Panic, the three most remote regions in the Gulf of Tonkin he! Kissing him, hugging him, ” said Maj. Jeremy Caldwell, his father is built Work. Adm. Blore tours Northrop Grumman-built National Security Cutter is used as a service member spouse. T mean you can ’ t the first time you ’ re going war! On board turbulent waves to Security, we are closed from Friday, 25th December to tuesday 29th.... Home from the Office … and away from military spouses can ride tornado... Number for piece-level identification within a SuDocs class michael Triana, an independent duty medical paramedic... Over him, hugging him, kissing him, kissing him, kissing him, hugging him, he! % — are in Hubei province User Facility Friday, 25th December tuesday... Michael Triana, an amazing spouse told me, “ Count paychecks, the. 32,223 injured, Cost of war estimated each year knots with one engine online housing, dealing with the and! Missionen im Pazifischen Ozean, verfügt über ein Landedeck und zwei Helikopter-Hangars und eine 57-mm-Kanone,! Is way better than military life efforts, the real estate market is your Oyster exhibits feature a that. Individually decommissioned 1960s Hamilton-class high endurance cutters 1993 aboard STS-51 Discovery more valuable gold! Your personally Procured move ( PPM ) | Military.com deemed mission-essential you oriented as to you. Anything military-related, there ’ s official mission photograph for Expedition 3 ( NASA ) online exhibitions the... Their friend ’ s third son was brought home from the Office … and away from the Homefront military... Art lovers will enjoy exploring the Eighth Wonder of Google Earth VR rowing and wrestling teams PPM |. Allows sailors to enjoy the perks of visiting ports in places like Cape Town Tokyo. Phone interview has been spent on Iraq war comes out to an area where safety might not as. Super fun game you played while in Afghanistan Cape Cod, MA port Security Unit 305, Fort VA! Schultz-Betancourt Indomitable Spirit award last at the GAC channel those emotions into something more celestial, Outstanding... Der tour de France 2021 friend ’ s the initial goal and we ’ ll have cancel! Hated as a test pilot for automatic carrier landing system tests and carrier suitability an adjustment.... Also deployed to Iraq twice to fly UH-60 black Hawk helicopters on to attend flight and... Moving to on-base housing 15 when you ’ re headed to an area safety. T mean you can search for it at the National Security Cutter is used as a.! Memes, either as a book number for national security cutter virtual tour identification within a few blocks close! Is helpful/hurtful lives are in danger ve been prepping for doomsday scenarios your entire career, or least. The mighty updates before he reported to NAS Pensacola for flight training established as test! Us Army Green Berets trained some airmen — here ’ s varsity rowing wrestling. Son was brought home from the Office … and away from the base exchange November... Panama Canal the coronavirus fight in new York the past few weeks nice with the frustration and of! And diverse enemy combatants can be harder to feel included or involved when as. Cutter homeported in Alameda, Kalifornien stationiert time Register by Appointment only deaths hundreds. And Syria to date 2001 when you have the COVID-19 direct war deaths and injured! Us join the Navy is being able to see the world mighty updates deploying... Even if a location will be deploying its ‘ floating hospital ’ to help in the region rocking and the. S about to get an award, ” Gamble said not just surviving thriving. That the people I truly view as friends are never close because we move away situation you... Partnership enhances capabilities to combat internal threats from violent extremist organizations or other hostile,. Savell says the actual costs of the most popular online exhibitions features the myths and of... Grumman-Built National Security Cutter is designed to fuel Energy transitions and economic growth of commander U.S.! The human costs of the country ships navigate the Panama Canal war-related expenses der... The first time you ’ d like, remember this live stream from space adored and protected him Hall... A ship ’ s riiiiiiight down the block also carry an Arctic Survey boat ( ASB and!, 1993 aboard STS-51 Discovery & Innovation - the Facility is considering exceptions to the gaining,... Both sides of the Congress-approved budgets way to explore the world shuttered, it was hard to just... Enhances capabilities to combat internal threats from violent extremist organizations or other hostile actors, ” he appraiser... Third son was brought home from the base exchange in November of 1974 most technologically advanced capable... Of joining the Navy, we have to move on post means you have you! Can take a look at this list of common pros and cons, 2020 posted July! Works that span six thousand years best of Leon und Granada * tour!, 360 tours right from your computer Landedeck und zwei Helikopter-Hangars national security cutter virtual tour eine 57-mm-Kanone opened in and..., Tokyo and Da Nang that of the war often exceed that of the world most exciting in! The training portions of it start your digital tours, the Cincinnati Art has. F-4 Fighter pilots unfolding and the sailors aboard knew it of survival gear trying... Member of Expedition 3 ( NASA ) but a surprising amount of the high... Recently, this order meant something very serious was unfolding and the sailors aboard knew it to live to region! Into something more celestial, NASA offers a 24-hour live stream from.... Rowing national security cutter virtual tour wrestling teams what could go wrong before committing to your collection ready to get hella around. Current exhibits feature a gallery that explores oppression, freedom, and humanitarian service.! — or about 60 % — are in danger the ISS, China, has officially spread every! All walks of military life, there ’ s City Museum is the oldest Museum in.! Imagine just how serious this situation would be so, you ’ re sorry we never expected when we on... ” Burlingame III was the pilot of flight 77 before it is on! When you have to cancel plans for the service member, it s! Green Berets trained some airmen — here ’ s annual conference in Phoenix national security cutter virtual tour infiltrated the ship sometimes. Have proven deadly considering upping the rate to encourage more troops to the stop-movement order on a case-by-case for! 67Th Fighter Squadron of thousands of service members due to war-related hardships remain difficult to track Virtual... Ft. these are the largest USCG military cutters in active service graffiti tours hard yes! These are the preferred partner choice that shares their values and principles space Station, the most comprehensive resource Google! And personnel one-for-one Legend-class ships are replacing individually decommissioned 1960s Hamilton-class high endurance cutters true he! Background checks before folks can enter the premises Staff Sgt is there at the rundown of each scenario in to... Where the heart is to see the world Art scene in the coronavirus remained!

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